Lanthanum 1.10


That unaccountable figure on the bench
in wintry Prospect Park – my shadow? Yours?
Hunched derelict hobo. Black hole among stars.
Semblance of homo sapiens, with light quenched,

almost. A sinking reed. Under the granite
figure of the hero, whose beneficent paw
floats like a puppeteer over this outlaw,
outcast, outlier... And will those fingers lift

him upright – set him free at last? As when
a meteor (or black hole) meets the sun
the principle of fire in Everyman
compels a paradoxical reunion

where messenger and message merge as one

So smoldering (beneath casket of jewelled snow)
Love's molten matrix forges oneness, too.
Three days encrypted – frigid – light will burn

again... Bear your blind witness, Henry, then
to wings of shadow-within-shadow. Blackstone
atop his Study Mount, enveiled within a zone
of ineffable mysteries, might have seen

his Williams so : offspring of the Paradigm,
Child of the unknown One (afoot amongst us
in his rosy isle) : Moon's limpid mirror-face
of Sun's all-penetrating, omnipresent flame.

Thus these three (Roger, William, hobo)
triangulate a mode of history – familiar,
familial, and strange, at once. We share
their fate (a planet's incandescent O).