Lanthanum 3.15


A persistent sun keeps trying to penetrate
the cathedral gloom of these gray-granite clouds;
the plexiglass transparency of universal goods
slowly makes plain their normative template;

and thus the clarified commonweal sails on...
while Hobo (with his broody Blackstone-pal)
sets off again on some obscurer trail.
Milk-train, or river-path – toward early origin.

An unknown parallelogram. Convergent rays
of wordy genesis, replicated in a palimpsest
of baby talk... riverbank lanthanum-ellipse.
Or tuning-fork, upended, smiling... Memory's

own secret adamantine road (toward
morning glory). And where rays merge
a rose in the center rose and bloomed –
on a vert verge of dappled almond shade

(sursum corda). Folded in the blaze
of a sunlit mirror, the systole-diastole
of eros-agape – their playful folderol –
renewed yon Hobo's derelict soul (maze

for hide-&-seek). So the white dove
retreats behind gray curtain, then descends
as lowly pigeon, rainbow-throated – bends
wings of enigmas overhead – lovers'

puzzles, passwords (crosswords to solve).
In the heart of the heart of the country
(avocado, artichoke), eyes, tears...
sunlight (your Saint-Chapelle alcove).