Lanthanum Road 4.5


Abstract, abstracted Henry ambles west
across a limestone-lit & pastel Providence.
Steep ridges, baby rivers. Confluence
of morning stone & wooden birdnest

paradise. Past Burnside Park, with marble
General. & graybeard homeless private
shaking out his shoes (still alive, yet).
RW from below – his steep immobile

terrace of Inca-set granite (Isaac Hale's
deed – filigreed now in hungry graffiti).
Where his ashes lie – burnt from the tree-
root man-shape swelling his coffin (awhile

back then). To moss-gray, helmet-headed
City Hall (where angular Roger-face peeks
from its crown) he goes, to pay late taxes...
ambles east again. Earth trek she threaded,

once – absent, absented one. Just one,
just once. & Henry felt the L-bow of an arm
hooked into his own, laced, latched. To form
a knot with lurching outline, barely shaded-in –

irregular, in disequilibrium. Systole, diastole...
sys... black stone on white stone – breathing
lips & windy guest. So her road-dislocating
presence lessoned less & less. Yet twas whole

Somewho - beyond departure. In the realm
of the matrix of subtle analogies of light (rays
hula-hoop through rainbow-eyelet). How they
recast your one & lonely profile, Yo-Yo? Hmm?