Lanthanum Road 4.11


The traveling circus of October grackles
swings into town, with happy hectic whoops &
whistles over Henry's head – in the faded circle
(roseate rust) of dogwood branches. Chuckles

& wheeling, swerving hoots are hooped in heaps up
there, as a company of leaves swishes its surf-like
undertone. & Henry fades himself (old tyke)
into his Middle Ages, & beyond... sleeps &

drowses in his mazy dream (uncharted Chartres
hovering like heavy honey – like an alien ship
over the corny heartland). Unexpressive sap
from inexpressible brainstem-tree. . . heart's

labyrinthine amaranth (almond conundrum). &
the last turn comes at the center of the winding,
windy rose – implicate with grief, & knowing
melancholy wastelands (prodigal Hobo-time) –

turning through the winged circus-sounds toward
cloud-shrouded, ripened sun – its ruddy light. &
so this bent fat stiff of an aging Hal – his sight
grown dim – turns out all right (grace be to God);

his edifying dream of midway arch proves
apple-laden (Blackstone-honeycomb – golden,
sweet). For the storm-taut ribs of a mandorla-
canoe rest upright, grounded, still – where wind

moves through clear space : heart's absolute
zero, bull's-eye source : almond keystone (rhodos-
lanthanum, pink with dawn). On pendulous logos-
wing... Vermeer's milkweed monarch (maudit).