Lanthanum Road 4.12


As the tremulous old king crawls ruefully toward his
Jerusalem crib, the young prince sets out
on his firefly charge (sans script). & is that
egret-eremite all set (or preterite)? Readiness

is all
, he murmurs (all walled-in). By the four
points of my compass-coccoon, by the bark
of my Lincoln-log pontoon
(sounding at quark-
range)... A winking prairie-schooner pair

of constellations (Big Bear, Wee Bear) fords
the Polaris Theater. In April (thursday
or friday, around noon. Near Milky Way).
The baby mosaic canoe made of little stones

on board, Memphis settles into its Mississippi
regime – booze in the morning, bees
in the afternoon (little lead BBs).
& flies on home – in the chariot (fiery

father). Hallelujah! So it was
with winebibbers of old – like Maximus,
with his hand chopped off, tongue
torn out (for announcing the omnibus

sit-down human-garbage-mankind strike).
Everyman's the sloop of shame-&
, he sings – since
Noah sent the dove adrift toward Pike's

(arid zone, you tar). Since you left
home yourself, Henry – following Falstaff
into his flagship company. Quaff, then,
another, regal bumblebee! All draft-age now.