Lanthanum Road 4.20


The monarch's flown southwest to Mexico
& left behind his colors in the trees;
milkweed Melchizedek, anonymous, he's
only a memory now (from long ago).

The golden-barren limbs lift a craggy vault
like some forlorn cathedral, shivering
with leaf-news – the monarch is leaving,
... the monarch departs... Ochre, cobalt,

a taste of iron; threads of scarlet & purple
interlaced within a labyrinth of rose. So
eerie the soaring gossamer – already zero
gravity (& gone), winging 'twixt twin steeple

prongs (antennae, signalling)... Threads
of a moth-trail, designedly draped across
the Milky Way (the way he went), emboss
a furtive coign of vantage – Magellanic Cloud

of witnesses – O starry Wisdom's dancing
majesty! & joy rides in stupendous coverings
Thou ridest, Monarch-Hurricane! – thy tidings
tolled through tongs of railroad tunes, attunings –

crossed beyond vast milkweed prairies, where
the chosen children of one stutter-clear & loco
vocable – scarred logos-Lincolns (Martins, too)
enunciate, halting, thy rose-enfurl├Ęd, plowshare

silo-smile (deep granary of everlasting victory);
& where thy sevenfold unfoldment once began
sails back again, 77-fold – prodigal origami span
of one entwining grain-bin grin (tall – 57 stories!).