Lanthanum Road 4.22


The purposes of Providence run
along a straight iron rail through the center
of the earth – aligned with the North Star
floating motionless in night sky. Sun

& planet crossweave an aquamarine design
through pregnant space; primordial rivers
of bottomland clay are shaped & surge
into dome-bubble salience. A wing-span

curve, an upturned keel – fleet smile
in sunlit delta-mouth, harboring infant-
speech (rush-woven basket-boat, light
osier-womb) from blue-green heaven-Nile.

Out of such potter's clay came the gardener,
cumulative, georgic, sedimentary, slow;
rose Ancient of Days & his Maggie Lou,
their rusty plowshare channeling that river

toward an early orchard. & their child
inherits their earth, & the speech thereof;
all the curious rivulets of dialect, survival-
mannerism (borne into quaint parishes, wild

provinces); & when the walls come down
& the shofar blows & the Union emerges
like a bulbous crown on the rugged skin
of rippling slopes a prime oneness at heart

out of every region & clime born of love
& fire when the walls tumble down in
the central welding of mortal good will &
eternal seal (bright forge in dove-embrasure)