Lanthanum Road 4.23


& out of the distant starlight-vortex comes
triangulating wingspread-arch, emitting
3rds & octaves in a major see-saw sing-
along – descending & ascending train-hoots

& humming rails framing a honeycomb-braced
biped dome, or home for seemingly-aimless
monarch flights. & this embracing salience
drips with sap from its own mellifluous

milky kingdom – golden-bright refiner's fire
searing the lips; the awkward raznochinets
stumbles across his own articulations –
the burgeoning burble emerges, a spinnaker

carried off by the air (trailing the whole ship
behind by the prow). & as hairshirt St. Louis
(a royal Hen in his last chicken-coop) sighs
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, so the heart skips,

leaps! from its biped grounding, to that hover-
craft aloft beneath the starry arch – one
parched honey-star, upon the breast – & perches
there, burning – a goldfinch in its hermitage.

& so the whole moth-kingdom of creation
grow a microcosmic, ultralight, black-&-yellow
curtain – double-wingèd, double-knit fellow-
traveler for Everyman (where tent was

rent). & whispers, into my kingdom
of the woolly moth, come – into the cedar-
forest of the butterflies – into the radius of
my milk-train way
(its horn, its trumpet-hum).